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The homo-sapiens have developed and evolved themselves from Stone Age to the present, Modern Age. Ever thought how? Ever thought how we human being became capable of being so self-sufficient and efficient to make and invent new things? Well here is the answer, through communication. Reading and Writing is actually a way of communication. It is equivalent to listening to the person who has written those words but not just in his/her presence. Yes, that's exactly what people do by writing letters. They communicate, don't they?.If someone is speaking something/anything that someone might be listening to him. Logical isn't it?

Communication is just a part of our daily life where we exchange our needs and feelings using words.But when it comes to expressing any new idea to a bunch of people would have been tedious if there was one to one communication. So writing that thing and telling it to everyone is just an easy way to do that.Do you really think that first-ever fuel engine was invented by just one man?No, it wasn't.He would have taken different theories of someone on mechanics or thermodynamics to create an engine. Do you really know how he was able to do this? It's obvious because he read those theories of some experiments or did an analysis of any theory which may be written even before he was born!!!!That's how humans invented new things.

Another example, for the tech readers.The first ever printer/copier that was developed by fusing two ideas.One was a winemaking mechanism in which imprints of grapes were left on the cloth and the ouches that were used for is identification. That lead to the invention of the printer which led to a revolution.That's the reason we have the concept of books distributed for impartment of knowledge and developments all over the world.

As it is said by John Locke "Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company, and  reflection must finish him."

How do you find the new game that was launched recently?You might have read some its advertisement in the newspaper or on television.Reading scientific theories lead to better understanding of nature and reading literature(fiction or nonfiction) leads to creativity.Not only these on observing any problem in order to find its solution one need knowledge and information and thus by reading one can find its solution.These were the base of the modern world and people are still doing millions of research to understand nature and are trying to use it for ones benefit.



In the 21 century, the demands of specialization are increased tremendously why so? Because as the technology and the science is spreading so fast, its almost impossible to have a deeper understanding of everything.(One cannot be everywhere as he is not God. We are just humans who know just one thing. Divide and Conquer).Just think that in present scenario everyone is taking benefits of each other's skills and is creating something big.If you need to know where your skills may be beneficial you have to read, to get information or else your skills would be a waste.The people should not only read the science books or articles. He should even have some good listening capabilities. That could be developed by reading fiction. His thinking will not only learn to imagine new things but also learn to develop empathy by keeping himself in place of characters of the novel/literature.  This would benefit in his professional as well as personal life due to good patience and unbiased/judgmental thinking.

 It is truly quoted here that "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one" People around him will have a positive impression and they may open up to them regarding their problem. It not only makes them a valuable asset but also a lovable one. It is said, "Life begins out of your comfort zone". Well, your comfort zone can be challenged by each and every book and thus when you push yourself with time to overcome that hurdle you develop yourself. It not only keeps you calm in any kind of new situation but also makes you ready to overcome your fears.

Let's take my example. As a child, I was always watching TV cartoons and would imagine how do this cartoons move or how is this cartoon drawn? What if I have my own cartoon book? And that fascinated me. Then I started asking my parents every now and then about the same. They said the first cartoon was Mickey. So I started my adventure with Mickey and thus a chain of keywords gave me my answer. Like this


Now you can see how one thing led to other and at every new thing was a new piece of information. And now if someone asks me about a cartoon I practically know more than him and that would definitely make my impression on him/her. That's how reading helps. If someone asks me about a problem I can now solve it without panicking because I have more information and have learned to analyze them with time. That is huge. Your communication skills would be developed and you will have different abilities to present yourself to others. If you have the ability to present yourself then it is by far the best solution to any problem.To communicate and reduce the communication gap and the ability to talk things out is the biggest setback of the young generation. It can even change your future. In the world of competition, you need to be something different and one way of being different is through creativity. It's an ability which everyone possesses but may not explore it in their lives. Wisdom is something which is far more important than any aspect of your life. It has the ability to change one's mind and thinking leading him towards a new beginning and a great future.



Reading is not something restricted to one domain. Just like our internet is spread over the world it also covers each domain and they are somehow at minute level interconnected with each other. Curiosity is the thing which fuels man's life. And this thing will always pique your curiosity and your whole life will turn upside down with this.That is the beauty of reading. It never ends just like our universe. So I recommend that for once don't give up on the child who searches for information and continues reading till you feel satisfied and thus you will feel yourself in a new light and the effort would be a worth for sure.

"Reading is dreaming with open eyes"

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