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Industrialisation and modernization play a vital role in economic development.We have to accept that these developments portrait an economic status of a country. Many may wonder by the new term "Sagarmala".This project was approved on 25th March 2015.The plan was released on 14th April 2016.Now the plan was implemented in south TamilNadu.Targetting delta regions like Tanjore, Trichy, Nagapattinam, Tutukurin.

• What is the background of Sagarmala? Sagarmala project was planned by 'Atal Bihari Vajpayee' in 2003 aimed to expand vast coastlines and industrial waterways for industrial development.When Vajpayee declared this project, it received lesser attention to people and later the government was left into the hands of Congress, the plan was also left unnoticed.Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi planned to execute and it is in the process. Sagarmala project worth eight lakh crore, a shipping project(2015-2035). The main theme of this project.


• harbor development and port linked industrialization.
 • port connectivity through rail corridors
 • and inland waterways.
 • to develop skills of fisherman and other coastal communities. Initially, six ports were planned as a part of the programme.They are;

1.Sagar Island, West Bengal
 2. Paradip outer Harbour, Odisha
 3. Sirkhali and
 4. Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu
5. Belisario, Karnataka
6.Vadhavan, Maharashtra

The plan has been executed just before six months, now started working on a process to TamilNadu. But people have strong opposition to this project and protest is been going. 'The Hindu'. Cultivation may strongly suffer and many chances of pollution, drought, lack of agriculture.

Moreover, people from Nagai who are still in protest saying that their own lands are been threatened and making the way for this project.They were frightened of losing their traditional farming.The production of crops was slowly declining on one side and on the other side technology development at its peak.There weren't stable balance between holding on cultural aspects and technology.

The developments should suit according to the standard of living.The implementing project should not beyond the level of common people.The majority of people are middle class or lower middle class.These projects may be useful to state government and central government for their revenue. Upper-class people who are doing business through shipping may be useful.They are only 5% in a society.Other people like common man need to run to satisfy his own needs.

Local and foreign funds increase automatically in coastal regions may become a good bet for real estate too.They will focus on industry and job growth. ' A single invention should not hit the food crops and individual'

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