Priya Prakash Varrier creates history on Instagram

Priya Prakash Varrier is an actress from Oru Adaar Love who went viral for a teaser clip from the movie.

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A Malayalam actress that gained a lot of attention on the social media for her beauty, cuteness and well her infamous “wink” which she states was absolutely spontaneous. As we all know that #PriyaPrakashVarrier has been trending and has created a frenzy of funny yet adorable memes and no one can stop talking about this internet sensation. It all began last week when a video clip of Priya from her upcoming film was released and the clip went insanely viral immediately.

In an interview, she disclosed that the director wanted to capture something cute and the wink was not at all planned. All that can we said is that Priya took over the entire social media by her spontaneous and natural cuteness and no one seems to be getting enough of her. The viral video clip is from a song in the movie where Priya flirts with a fellow student who is her co-star that seems overwhelmed just like everyone else and is totally and completely smitten.


On every popular social media platform, we can see nothing but posts, tweets and lovable stories being dedicated to the young and fresh actress.  The internet has gone head over heels for the cuteness of Priya. It is a rather interesting fact that the official video clip from the movie has reached over 14 million views on YouTube and the number is still increasing rapidly.

The actress’s Instagram account has been verified with 2.8  million followers and that too with less than a 100 posts. A lot of love has been showered upon Priya in a very short period of time and she feels a little nervous as she feels that she has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders to meet the expectations of all her admirer and fans. She is currently studying in a girls college and feels that all of this attention and admiration is very unusual for her and it is a lot of fun to be on the receiving end for it.

On the sets, the shooting of this particular part of the movie washed her over with cherished memories of her school days. The essence of the video clip as well is the memories of childish and innocent high school romance which has teased the minds of all its viewers and has taken them down the memory lane once again.After the famous wink, in a new video clip, the overnight sensation is seen shooting a kiss to her co-star in the latest teaser.

Oru Adaar Love - Official Trailer

The filmmakers and Priya are seen riding on a long and smooth trail of success. Prior to her growing fame, Priya was only given a small role in the movie. But after seeing the impact of Priya's acting on the media, Omar Lulu decided to give her one of the leading roles. Priya is just 18 years old and is studying B.Com (H) from Vima College this is her first film. It is evident that she is going to be a famous celebrity for the many coming years as well as we hope nothing but the very best for her.

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