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3, Mar 2018 08:22 AM By Shahneel_
50 million Facebook users had their data harvested without their consent...

3, Mar 2018 10:58 AM By R1Ravina
The facebook's worst fall. The tech giant is loosing its leadership...

3, Mar 2018 12:28 PM By Ankita Singh
It is certain that machine learning is being integrated into the medical profession in more ways than we can think. From accurate diagnosis to finding better treatments and suggesting cost effective w..

3, Mar 2018 10:42 AM By Ankita Singh
Google is reportedly working on blockchain technology for its cloud computing business Spencer Platt / Staff / Getty.
If there’s a new technology around, it usually doesn’t take too long for Google..

3, Mar 2018 05:41 PM By Ankita Singh
India’s home to a billion plus people and almost 30% of them are online, making the country the 3rd largest user of the internet after the US and China. Thanks to cheap data plans and smartphones, mo..

3, Mar 2018 07:07 AM By Ankita Singh
India’s cyber security chief avoids netbanking above Rs 25,000; he has this to say about ‘issues’

While Indians are increasingly adopting netbanking, specially in the wake of the government..

3, Mar 2018 05:35 PM By Ankita Singh
Google Assistant has now received Hindi support is rolling out for devices with Android 6.0 and above last month, Hindi support arrived for Actions on Google..

3, Mar 2018 11:38 AM By R1Ravina
What makes Stephen Hawking such a celebrity Scientist. What are the discoveries and benchmarks created by him in the world of Physics...

3, Mar 2018 07:19 AM By Ankita Singh
Google India on Tuesday announced a slew of updates and features on Maps, including "Voice Navigation" in six additional regional languages. According to Google, in India, it can be challeng..

3, Mar 2018 06:25 PM By Ankita Singh
WhatsApp has silently improved "Delete for Everyone" feature. There is an upgraded algorithm for some users. Whatsapp for iOS has extended the delete message feature...

3, Mar 2018 06:13 PM By Ankita Singh
This update is an expansion of the Posts on Google feature that the company first rolled out for big companies and celebrities in 2016, and included local businesses last year...

3, Mar 2018 04:23 PM By Ankita Singh
Google is known for bringing in design customizations and UI changes in Android and its other native apps.

Now, with Android P in works, Google is experimenting with a new rounded search bar (s..

3, Mar 2018 02:32 PM By Ankita Singh
From virtual reality to big data, the tech frenzy has hit education too. Students in India use latest technology as well including textbooks...

3, Mar 2018 10:08 AM By Jhalak99
When you buy a smartphone, you often look for a great camera, design, battery, and performance, but one factor that adds significant value is its durability. And one of the best ways to judge a phone&..

3, Mar 2018 08:23 AM By Ankita Singh
EasyEmail feature in Gmail now uses artificial intelligence to suggest sentences as we reply to someone. It provides us with various options to choose from a range of sentences and phrases that it dee..

3, Mar 2018 09:30 AM By Jinesh Jain
26,000 Rs Phone that only allows calls, messages and alarms - Light Phone 2. Light Phone 2 price in India is approx 26,000. The Light Phone 2 specifications include two colors, 8GB memory, 1 GB Ram, S..

3, Mar 2018 05:14 AM By Jinesh Jain
New Microsoft Windows 10 S will destroy how you use your PC. Microsoft is set to move Windows 10 S from a dedicated operating system to merely a mode for existing Windows 10 versions in 2019...

3, Mar 2018 08:40 AM By Jinesh Jain
Google Lens latest update March 2018 will make Google Lens available for everyone. Google Lens - Now Google can see everything yo see...

3, Mar 2018 06:10 AM By Jinesh Jain
Google has integrated a chat option in the Google Tez application and is slowly rolling it out to its 13.5 million active users, Google Tez new latest update with chat feature...

3, Mar 2018 10:30 AM By Jinesh Jain
Google lately stepped up its fight against bad apps violating its policies. 6 Android apps Google does not want you to download...