CBSE 10th Maths and 12th Economics paper leaked.

Indian Education Board's carelessness is now in open these days. Previously the state board papers were leaked, but it seems that the central board is no longer secure. The board papers of 10th and 12th board were leaked this year.

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The CBSE board papers of 10th Maths and 12th Economics were leaked this year. Both exams were scrapped. The new examination dates will be declared soon. The board came to their senses about this leak after an anonymous envelope consisting a handwritten copy of the paper was received by them. Till then the board had no idea about it. The main blunder lies in this fact. If the paper leak may be considered as a rumour if the letter would not be mailed to the board. That is the main issue in India. Firstly they will never admit that something like that would happen. They ignore it till they can. They are always in denial. Just imagine, but what if all the papers got leaked illegally and without any virtual help?? The board would never be aware of this leak. Right? What about those who scored good marks because of their hard work? The students would not be evaluated according to their potential, would they? Wow, that violates the main objective of conducting Exams!!!


The college students are already fed up with the strict rules and politics involvement. The education system of India is lagging way too behind the education offered by US or UK. The outdated syllabus and no addition of latest updates. The youth is not developed to its real potential. This was ok until it was at a college level. But at primary level and secondary level, which is the pillar or foundation of education should not have this kind of situation. The main point of evaluation of the students is done by the board level. The comparisons are made among the all India or state level students. The point of board exams is to evaluate the students with a certain level of competition.  The students are aware of the importance of the exams. So they are demanding a reexamination of all subjects. The protests are going on at Jantar Mantar.

According to Board, they have informed Delhi Police regarding the same. The Delhi police crime branch is investigating this matter.They have registered two cases in connection with the leak of papers.Prime minister Narendra Modi showed unhappiness to Human Resource Development minister Prakash Javadekar about the leak of CBSE papers. HRD minister has said a new leak-proof system would be established for board exams. He also says guilty will not be spared. Now time will tell what steps are taken by the Board.

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