Top 10 iPhone hacks, tips & tricks [+1 BONUS]

Today we share some of the amazing and simple hacks for iPhone users. With so many restrictions it can be tough to use iPhone sometimes. We give you Top 10 iPhone hacks, tips & tricks to make your life easier.

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iPhone is an amazing device. It is faster than most of the Android phones. But when it comes to restrictions and hacks, iPhone is far behind Android phones. So today we share some amazing Top 10 iPhone hacks, tips & tricks that you should know. The tricks are simple and will make the use of your iPhone easy.

1. Undo deleted texts - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


Wrote something and deleted by mistake? 

won't be a problem anymore. You can recover the text you wrote just by shaking your iPhone. Yes, when you shake your iPhone after deleting some text it will show a pop-up and ask you if you want to undo the deleted text.

2. Siri can do a lot more than answering your questions - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


Siri can do almost anything you want on your iPhone. Book a ride, text, call, even WhatsApp. People aren't using Siri to their full potential. But Siri can make things a lot easier.

3. Write longer texts without actually writing longer - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


You can write some long a** text messages and you won't even have to write long texts. Just replace smaller words to long texts and whenever you write the word and press enter, it'll replace it with the longer text. To do this go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement and replace your desired words.

4. Night Shift Mode - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


You like to read at night, but the brightness of your phone is just too much for your eyes. Here's how you can turn on night mode on iPhone.

Go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Night Shift. Also, put it on schedule so it can do that automatically every night.

5. The Dark Mode for some Dark Souls out there - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


The latest update of iPhone's iOS 11 includes a feature which can convert your colors but smartly, called 'Smart Convert'.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations -> Invert Colors -> Smart Invert and you can unlock the dark mode of the iPhone.

6. Home button for iPhone X - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


Yes, you can get a home button on your iPhone X. The all-display phone was a big deal due to no home button. But you can get one on the iPhone X. It is virtual but works just fine and No, it does not have fingerprint sensors. 

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility where you can enable the home button for iPhone X and also control what happens when you tap once or twice under Assistive Touch option.

7. Accessibility Shortcuts - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


It can be annoying to go into the settings everytime you want to change anything. Worry no more, you can add shortcuts too.

Just go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Shortcuts and choose which shortcuts you want. Access them by clicking the home button thrice.

8. Text to speech - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


iOS can read any sort of text out to you aloud. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Speech and turn on Speak Selection. Whenever you want it to work just swipe down with two fingers and your iPhone will start reading every single text that is on your screen.

9. Shrink the size of your screen and use it with one hand - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


It can be trouble while using the Plus versions of iPhone. You can not reach the top of your screen easily. But that won't be a problem with this feature anymore. You just need to enable the feature in Settings -> General -> Accessibility and then just double tap the home button. You're welcome.

10. Your iPhone can be used as level measurement - iPhone Hacks, tips & trick


Yes, you can use your iPhone level. For this feature just go to compass app and swipe left, which will give you the Level feature that is hiding there.

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