10 Most Important Types Of Aluminium Sheet and its Uses

Inox Steel India is one of the best Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer in Mumbai, India. We use the best quality Aluminum alloy in fabricating Aluminum Sheets.

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1. 10 Most Important Types Of Aluminium Sheet and its Uses

What are Aluminium Sheets ?

Inox Steel India is a leading Aluminium Sheets Manufacturer in India. Aluminium sheets are created from the best aluminium alloy available. These Aluminium Sheets are incredibly strong and have mediocre machining capabilities when compared to other aluminium alloys. Additionally, the supplied sheets are easy to weld and ductile enough for deep draws. We are also India's leading Aluminium Chequered Sheets Manufacturer and Aluminium Plates Manufacturer.


We are a major Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer. We have Aluminium Sheets in stock to meet the growing demand for Aluminium Sheets around the world. Every month, we provide a large number of containers of Aluminium Sheets to customers. We also manufacture many sorts of Aluminium Sheets, as listed below:


Types of Aluminium Sheet


Our aluminium sheets may be easily moulded and sized to match the customer's requirements. Because of their light weight, aluminium sheets are in high demand. The following are some of the Uses of aluminium sheets:

Uses of Aluminium Sheets

  • Aluminium Sheets uses for marine
  • Aluminium Sheets uses for Defence
  • Aluminium Sheets uses for Aerospace
  • Aluminium Sheets uses for Transport Automotive Industry
  • Aluminium Sheets uses for Building & Architecture
  • Aluminium Sheets uses for Rail Transport
  • Aluminium Sheets uses for Rail Transport


We are one of India's leading Aluminium Sheet Manufacturers. Inox Steel India offers aluminium sheets in all of the formats listed below. We are aluminium sheet suppliers and manufacturers for the automotive industry. Aluminium Sheets that we make and supply are utilised in a range of industries in India and other countries.


Aluminium Plates Manufacturer


Inox Steel India is one of the largest Aluminium Plates Manufacturers in India. We produce and export aluminium plates to a variety of countries. As stockists of Aluminium Plates in Mumbai, we are a well-known brand. We use top-grade aluminium plate raw material with standard quality, high strength, and corrosion resistance to manufacture high-quality aluminium plates. Aluminium plates are very customizable and come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of clients.


For More Details:

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Website: https://inoxsteelindia.net/


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