Features and Benefits of FRP Pipes

D Chel Oil & Gas is one of the leading FRP Pipe Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Dealers in India.

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1. Features and Benefits of FRP Pipes

FRP Pipes

FRP Pipe is corrosion-resistant, easy to set up and carry, has a long service life, and needs minimal maintenance. It collects and transports sewage and wastewater from residences and businesses. Our FRP pipe is suitable for a wide range of soil and weather situations. D Chel Oil & Gas is one of India's most reputable FRP Pipe Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Dealers. It's utilised in construction and oilfields. FRP Sheet, FRP Flange, FRP Fitting, FRP Valve, FRP Grating, and other FRP products are also available from us.



Benefits of FRP Pipes:


  • They can be used by water supply industries or portable water systems.
  • They are used by the sewage industry due to their corrosion-resistant properties.
  • They are also used by chemical and fertilizer plants to regulate the flow of liquid.
  • They are taken as the best choice for offshore production of oil.


Features of FRP Pipes :


1. Corrosion Resistance ​​​​​​​:

FRP pipes are comprised of a glass fiber and polyester resin combination. FRP is a chemically inert material with excellent corrosion, chemical, and weathering resistance.

2. Non-Toxicity :

Using filament winding processing technologies combined with polymerization and vaporization processes, FRP Pipes can be rendered in perfect conformity with the laws of forces controlling the building of pipe that will come into touch with treated wastewater and foodstuffs.


3. Hydraulic Efficiency :

FRP pipes with a smooth inside surface have a high "c" rating, allowing them to transport a high flow with a low frictional head loss, saving money and energy.


4. Longer Service Life :

FRP Pipes' hydraulic design base (HDB) is such that even after 50 years of continuous operation, they will have a protection factor of 1.8 times their pressure class.


5. Surge Pressure :

Tolerance for high surge pressure FRP pipes have a higher stiffness and resistance to surge strain than steel and C.I. pipes, which means they are less likely to rupture due to water hammering.


6. Lightweight :

FRP pipes have a lower strength-to-weight ratio than other materials. Due to the usage of 1/10 P.S.C., 1/5 steel, and 1/8 C.I., it is lightweight. As a result, FRP Pipes are easy to install, handle, change, and repair.


7. Low Thermal & Electrical Inductivity :

Because FRP Pipes offer superior thermal insulating capabilities, they don't need to be heated on the outside to maintain a steady internal temperature. Cathodic protection is not required for FRP pipes.

Weight :

The FRP pipes are substantially lighter than the similar MS or concrete pipes, making them easier to carry and construct, resulting in lower erection costs.

This system offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. As seen in the table below, FRP composites outperform iron, carbon, and stainless steel in terms of strength per unit of weight.


We are one of the leading FRP Pipe Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Dealers in India. It is used in oilfields and construction. Contact D Chel Oil & Gas for more details and pricing.


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