10 Unknown Facts about Sri Devi you probably don't know about

Shridevi, the legendary actress passed away yesterday, 24/02/2018, due to a major cardiac arrest. This has left her fans in utter shock in the morning. Here are the interesting facts about her that people are not aware about.

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Shridevi, the legendary actress passed away yesterday due to a major cardiac arrest. This has left her fans in utter shock in the morning. Here are the interesting facts about her that people are not aware of.


1. Shridevi is not her real name. Her actual name is Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan.

Circumstances came by and she changed her name to Sridevi, which made her popular in Bollywood

2. Sridevi's first film debut was at four years of age, in film Thunaivan(1969)

Sri Devi had hardly begun to speak when she got her first break in Bollywood.

3. Sridevi played the role of Rajnikanth's stepmother when she was just 13 years old.

Sri Devi not only effortlessly played the role but recieved great appreciation from the audience as well.

4. Sridevi,  in Bollywood, has done 16 films with Anil Kapoor and in Tamil has done around 16 films with Kamal Hasan.

She has been very choosy about her films. And thats the reason all her films were a major box-office hits.

5. Shridevi was not comfortable with the Hindi language initially so her films were dubbed by Rekha and Naaz.

She was originally based from South India, but she managed to tackle the language differences and made her way to the top of the film industry

6. Sridevi was offered a role for Jurassic Park but she rejected it. She thought that film was not satisfactory for her role.

Sri Devi had been offered many international film offers, but she wanted to entertain Indian audiences only.

7. Sridevi was the second wife of Boney Kapoor. She is the stepmother of Arjun Kapoor.

Booney Kapoor's first wife died unexpectedly. Sri Devi and Boney Kapoor got married to live their life happily.

8. Sridevi was given Padma Shri Award in 2013.

She had been a great influencer to the Indian cinema. She was given the Padma

Shree Award for her great work. 

9. Shridevi was supposed to make her comeback in 2002 but she was pregnant with her second child so the role was then given to Karishma Kapoor.

Sri Devi always had that thing for Bollywood in her heart. She tried her best to make a comeback to Bollywood but couldn't because of her pregnancy.

10. Shridevi did playback for Chandni, Garjna, and Sadma.

Not only her acting, her voice was as glamorous and appealing to the audiences as her looks were. She was the crush of every 80's person

She was the greatest actor and an influencer for the Bollywood fim industry

It's a great loss for the country and Indian film industry to lose such graceful actress. But her acting and talent have made a significant place in everyone's heart. She would always be remembered by her loved ones. May her soul Rest in Peace.


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