Different Types of Flanges Manufactured in India

Star tubes & fittings manufacture supplier of different types of flanges such as Slip On Flange, Weld Neck Flange, Blind Flange, Threaded Flange, Lap Joint Flange, Socket Weld Flange, Long Weld Neck Flange, Companion Flange, Orifice Flange and many more.

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Different Types of Flanges Manufactured in India


Slip On Flanges

Slip on Flange Is fundamentally a ring placed over the end of the pipe, with a flange face extending from the end of the pipe by sufficient distance to apply a welded bead to the inner diameter. As the name suggests these flanges slip over a pipe & hence known as Slip On Flanges. A slip-on flange is also known as SO flange. It’s a kind of flange that are slightly bigger than the pipe & slides over the pipe, with internal design. Since the inner dimension of the flange is slightly bigger than the external dimension of the pipe, the top & bottom of the flange can be connected directly to equipment or pipe by fillet welding the SO flange. It is used to insert the pipe into the flange’s inner hole. Slip-on pipe flanges are used with a raised or flat face. Slip-On Flanges are a suitable choice for low-pressure applications. Slip on flange is excessively utilized in many fluid pipelines. Slip On Flanges Manufacturer in India


Weld Neck Flanges

Weld Neck Flange also known as a tapered hub flange or high-hub flange. Weld neck flange (WN flange) has a neck that can move the pipe tension, thereby reducing the pressure gathered in the bottom of the flange. It is compatible with the pipelines which operate at high or low temperatures & withstand high pressure. Welding Neck Flanges are effortlessly identifiable at the long tapered end, which slowly passes through the wall thickness from a pipe or fitting. The long tapered hub provides significant shielding for use in multiple applications involving high pressure, sub-zero &/or high temperatures. A weld neck flange comprises of a circular fitting with a protruding edge around circumference. Weld Neck Flange has been used successfully at pressures up to 5,000 psi. Weld Neck Flanges Manufacturer in India


Socket Weld Flanges

The Socket weld flanges are only connected on the outside by one fillet weld, & are often not advised for critical services. These are mostly used for the small-bore lines. Their static strength is equivalent to Slip On flanges, but their fatigue strength is 50 percent higher than double-welded Slip On flanges. For this type of flanges, the thickness of the connecting pipe should be defined to ensure proper bore length. Before welding, a gap must be formed in the socket weld flange between the flange or fit & the pipe. The objective of a Socket Weld’s bottom clearance is generally to minimize the residual pressure at the weld root that could occur during weld metal solidification. The socket weld flange’s drawback is the right space, which must be made. The crack between the pipe & the flange can cause corrosion problems by corrosive products, & mostly in stainless steel pipe systems. This flange is not allowed in some processes. Also for this flange, that principle must always be welded first by a pipe & then simply by a fitting. Socket Weld Flanges Manufacturer in India


Spectacle Blind Flanges

Spectacle Blinds are typically used for permanently splitting pipe networks, or simply for connecting to each other. A Spectacle Blind is a steel plate which has been cut into two discs of a certain thickness.

The two discs are connected to each other by a part of steel similar to the piece of a pair of glasses on the nose. The name derives from the fact that the assembly looks like eyeglasses or “spectacles.” One of the discs is a solid plate, while the other is a ring who’s an inner diameter equivalent to that of a flange. Spectacle Blinds are used in structures that need to be segregated from other installations on a regular basis. The Spectacle Blind is usually installed in the “open” position so that the flow through the pipe is feasible. If the Spectacle Blind is rotated in the “close” position, the pipe is blanked off & no flow is feasible. Blind Flanges Manufacturer in India


Lap Joint Flanges

Lap joint flanges are used with stub ends when the pipe is made of expensive material. For e.g., a carbon steel flange can be added to the stainless steel pipe system because the flange will not come into contact with the substance in the pipe. The stub ends will be butt-welded to the pipe & the flanges will remain loose. The inner radius of these flanges is beveled edge to clear the stub end radius. Lap joint flanges are almost similar to the Slip On flange, except for the radius at the intersection of the flange face & the bore to accommodate the flanged portion of the Stub End. Their ability to hold pressure is little, if any, stronger than that of Slip On flanges, & the fatigue life of the assembly is only one-tenth that of the Weld Neck flanges. Lap joint flange is therefore used in low-pressure & non-critical applications. Lap Joint Flanges Manufacturer in India


Threaded Flanges

Threaded flanges look nearly identical to Slip-On flanges but the key difference is that the threaded flange has been bored out to match the inside diameter of a particular pipe. Threaded flange is a type of flange that has taper pipe threads in its bore conforming to ASME B1.20.1 & can be used in piping systems where welding flange onto the pipe is not possible, such as highly explosive areas where welding can develop potential risk. The threaded flange is fixed onto a pipe that has additional threads to the taper pipe Galvanized & cast-iron piping is commonly used with threaded flanges. In very high pressure systems & for small diameters, threaded flanges can be used & their main benefit is that they can be installed without welding. Threaded Flanges Manufacturer in India


Long Neck Weld Flanges

In high pressure & high (or fluctuating) temperature situations, primarily in the oil & gas industry the long welded neck flanges (often abbreviated to LWN) are used. The long neck guides the pipe into the flange itself & offers reinforcement that is not possible with a standard welded neck flange. This reinforcement is quite essential for the safety of industrial, commercial & even residential high pressure systems. Unlike many other types of flanges, Long Weld Necks have no schedule bores. Typically, long welded neck flanges are made with square cuts to replace the pipe, & not to be welded to the pipe.

Orifice Flanges

Orifice Flanges are used with orifice meters for the purpose of measuring the flow rate of either liquids or gases in the respective pipeline. Pairs of pressure “Tappings”, mostly on 2 sides, directly opposite each other, are machined into the orifice flange. Orifice Flange Unions are designed & manufactured to American Gas Association (AGA), ASME, & International Society of Automation (ISA) recommendations. Orifice Flange are available in wide array of the following types: Raised Face weld neck orifice flanges, Raised Face slip-on orifice flange, Ring-Type joint weld neck orifice flanges, Corner tap orifice flanges. Orifice Flanges Manufacturer in India



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