Everything to know about Medical Gas Copper Pipes

This Blog will explain everything there is to know about Medical Grade Copper Pipes.

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Everything to know about Medical Gas Copper Pipes

This Blog will explain everything there is to know about Medical Grade Copper Pipes. 

Definition of Medical Gas Copper Pipes:

Medical gas means those gases and liquid oxygen intended for human consumption. So, Medical Gas Copper Pipes are those pipes which transport medicinal gases from one place to another. 

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Why Medical Gas Copper Pipes are used:

Copper's role in medical facilities extends far beyond the standard piping and plumbing systems found behind walls and above ceilings. In fact, copper is also an important tool for respiratory care systems, delivering the gases required by patients undergoing life-saving medical treatment on a daily basis. 

Plastic plumbing, on the other hand, is prone to contamination because the material can promote bacterial growth if not properly maintained. Plastic has the potential to release toxins when exposed to high heat or fires due to its composition. Plastic plumbing's semi-permeable membrane has the potential to allow contaminants into the water stream.

Copper's non-flammable properties are especially important in situations where people are less mobile or elderly, according to Powell. Copper has a melting point of 1,984 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much higher than the melting point of plastic, which softens at around 300 degrees and emits smoke when exposed to flames. When exposed to high temperatures, plastic tubing expands and contracts up to ten times more than copper, making it less likely that the system can be repaired.

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Medical Gas Piping Systems - Installation and Testing:

All piping, valves, fittings, and other components for use in all non-flammable medical gas systems must be thoroughly cleaned by the manufacturer, as if they were being prepared for oxygen service. This should be done to remove oil, grease, and other readily oxidizable materials. Use extreme caution when storing and handling medical gas copper tubing. To prevent recontamination, such material must be capped or plugged before final assembly. Internal contamination must be checked on the material just before final assembly.

All brazed joints in the piping shall be made up using brazing filler metals that bond with the base metals being brazed and that comply with Specification for Brazing Filler Metal, ANSI/AWS A5.8.

Copper-to-copper joints must be made without the use of flux with a copper-phosphorus brazing filler metal (BCuP series).

Copper and brass should be brazed together using an appropriate flux and either a copper-phosphorus (BCuP series) or a silver (BAg series) brazing filler metal. Apply flux sparingly to clean tubes only, and avoid leaving any excess inside completed joints.

(NOTE: Proper ventilation is required. Some BAg series filler metals contain cadmium, which can emit toxic fumes when heated during brazing.)

To prevent scale formation within the tubing, the system must be continuously purged with oil-free dry nitrogen during brazing. The purge must be kept going until the joint is cool to the touch.

After assembly, the outside of all tubes, joints, and fittings must be cleaned with hot water to remove any excess flux and allow for clear visual inspection of brazed connections.

Each brazed joint must be visually inspected to ensure that the alloy has flowed completely around the joint at the tube-fitting interface. Where flux has been used, ensure that no solidified flux residue has formed a temporary seal capable of withstanding test pressure.

Threaded joints in piping systems must be sealed with polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon®) tape or other oxygen-safe thread sealants. Sealants should only be applied to the male threads.

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Life Saving Medical Grade Copper Pipe 

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