Forged Fittings: Meaning, Applications, and Types

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This Blog will list everything there is to know about Forged Fittings, from the meaning and applications to its types and the company that makes the best flanges fittings.

Forged Fittings - Meaning

Forged steel fittings are pipe fittings that are made from forged carbon steel material. Forging steel is a process that creates very strong fittings. Carbon steel is heated to molten temperatures and placed in the dies. The heated steel is then machined into the forged steel fittings.

High-strength forged products are extremely durable and resilient to climate factors. These types of pipe fittings produce a great seal in your piping systems that reduce the risk of leaks. Forged steel fittings deliver a fatigue strength of 37% higher.

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Forged Fittings - Applications

  • Forged Fittings of high quality are manufactured using the best quality raw materials to be used in a variety of applications. Forged fittings are finished with unique consistency and reliability for long life, high pressure, and zero defects.
  • The High-Pressure Fittings are used in virtually all industrial applications where threaded connections are intricate. It is also used in Hydro testing structures.
  • These fittings find their uses in a wide range of industries such as the chemical fertilizer industry, instrumentation, nuclear thermal industries, heat exchanger, and other industries.
  • The High Pressure Forged Fittings are used in many applications where high temperatures are required. It is used in high-pressure fluid or gas transportation from one place to another.
  • Because of this property, it is widely used in many sectors of petrochemical and gas production. At a high temperature, it has outstanding welding and forming properties, making it ideal for use in many operations where it must be 500 degrees Celsius. Making pharmaceutical types of equipment is any other industry where it can be used; making vessels, oil refining equipment, etc.
  • Some other industries where these fittings can be used in making pharmaceutical types of making vessels, equipment, oil refinery equipment, etc.
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Types of Forged Fittings commonly used -


Tees are a type of forged steel fitting used to combine or divide process flow, and Forged Equal Tee Fittings additionally allow for pipe size change. The run outlets of the tee are the two in-line outlets, and the branch is the third outlet. The branch outlet is the reducing outlet in a reducing tee.


pipe elbow is a forged steel fitting installed between two lengths of pipe or tube allowing a change of direction, usually in the 90° or 45° direction. Similar to a reducing tee, reducing elbows also exist to simultaneously change flow direction and reduce flow diameter. Street Elbows have one female end to accept pipe and another male end thread that is the same size as the pipe and can avoid the use of a pipe nipple during installation.


Couplings are forged steel fittings used to connect two lengths of pipe, and a half-coupling is screwed onto the pipe, while the other end is made to be tightly inserted, or welded, onto the other end of the pipe or vessel.


Unions are forged steel fitting similar to coupling but allow a convenient disconnection and connection; it has 3 parts: a nut, a female end, and a male end. Forged Union Fittings allow two lengths of pipe to be assembled and detached without causing any deformation to the pipes.

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