Whatsapp Pay vs Paytm vs All other wallets 2018

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After the unexpected announcement of 'Demonetization'.Apparently increased in the number of credit/debit card holders.Let us proceed the description of online transactions. Online transaction is more easier and faster left the fear of larceny.Now-a-days the salary is been credited in their respective accounts.Digital wallets is the highest boon to all class people.Can access when ever needed,could sit at home satisfying all their needs,no age limitations whomever have an account and savings can transfer easily.Ola,book my show,amazon,pizza hut, these are the things were people frequently transact. E-Transfer fecilitate smooth flow of money without involving retail shortage.Saves times and energy,buy goods and avail services online and offline.There are many Digital wallets are there like jio money,freecharge,airtel money,mobiwick and more..,Many discounts to attract poeple is one of the business tactics.Though my topic is based on Paytm vs Whatsapp vs other wallets.It is mandatory to me to concentrate onpaytm and whatsapp. 

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PAYTM; Paytm, owned by One97 communications,is a digital payments platform.Using the money in the paytm wallet,you can pay for a number of goods without using cash.

▪ how to use paytm? Set up an account by using your mobile number and E-mail ID to Transfer cash to wallet to make payments easier.


Whatsapp pay.

Whatsapp payment haven'ny yet get into the current market,it is kept for final decision.If it get into the society there will be throw up new challenges for existing payment companies. Though, the usage of more number of whatsapp users are more with large fecilities like video call,voice call,location,profile with more securities people tend to use more rather than other social media's.So,Whatsapp company targets on bringing transactions. it does'nt almost happen due to company's foreign origin.since,facebook had experienced in bringing payments through messenger in USA,the same was targeted in India through whatsapp.Already whatsapp and facebook is a collaborated one when whatsapp will be introduced as payments also the other government payments will also lacks the revenue through wallets.

 "All company threatened by Whatsapp payments are going to tag it as anti-national and try to pull it down as it's hard to win on merit against the network effects of whatsapp", -tweeted by:Kunal shah. 
 Other trending wallets:
1.Airtel Money;
2. Freecharge
3. Jio Money
4. Olamoney
5. Paytm
6.State Bank Buddy
7. Money on mobile.

These are the trending transaction used in the modern society.some E-wallet charges for each transaction when it were transfer to bank

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