FIR filed against singer Papon for Kissing this girl

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Angarag Mahanta, popularly known as Papon, is an Indian singer and composer.He received several awards for Gima Awards, Jack Daniel Rock Awards and Screen Awards and more.His most famous songs are Kyon, Sun le Re, Moh Moh Ke Dhaage which is been Epic until now. I also like to entangle the reader by discussing 'a controversies in a reality show',


I hope now you could knot these two aspects of singer and a reality getting into it.Lets 'Dime a dozen'(something common). 'The Voice India Kids' is a Hindi singing reality competition presented by Sugandha Mishra and Jay Bhanushali. With the topmost judges Pop on, Shaan, Palak Much has, Himesh Reshammiya, Shekar Ravjiani and Neeti Mohan train young singers aged between six and fourteen and lead the contestants to success, based on their voices.

The famous North Indian festival Holi was celebrated the evening of Thursday, 1 March and ends on the evening of Friday, 2 March. Holi is "the festival of colors’ The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter and laugh, forget, forgive and to spread the fragrance of love. The celebration of Holi was started in an institution, industries, working places and more, splashing the color powders each other. The celebration of the famous reality show 'The India Voice Kids'. During the celebration, were the famous personality singer Papon kissed the girl who is major in age(below 18) at the show. Now the recent trending topic around the city is this womanizer Papon. He posts live on Facebook, applies powder on a girl who sang in the reality show and kissed her in public.

The Supreme court lawyer filled a case against him.The singer doesn't take it as a big issue the police also doesn't filed a complaint on him yet. A kiss in her lips made her and the audience stunned. The contestent's father ignored the statement and said that 'papon kissed his daughter as his own daughter' and moreover requested the media not to make this a bigger issue and spoil her future. Despite of his activities we must differentiate the place of kiss. He kissed in her lips , no father like relationship's would kiss on lips or either on cheeks.Our Indian father's probably refuse to kiss even on cheeks they prefer to forehead or some introverted people maintains a distance between. These media now-a-days telecast even vulgar clips, sexual aspects and videos without a worry of exploitation in children's mind. Ethical and moral values are becoming depreciated day-by-day. Even for a simple host the outfits is been sexy.

I don't keep my view that modernism brings the controversies and many cause for rape issues. But why should the media keeps on showing the victim again and again for the cheap TRP. She is also a girl like their own sister and daughter. Why making her life spoil being telecasted? Whatever the relation they have between, if they worry about their fair reputation then why should post a live video. The singer left the channel now. it might be a business market tactics. Kissing is a mixture of love, care, affection and also a part of romanticism. But for everything their is to be proper place, time and launch. Let the gossips create some more controversies and increase the popularity of the channel rate in TRP.

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