Flanges and Their Five Varieties : Flanges Manufacturer In India

Metalica Forging Inc is a leading Flanges Manufacturers in India. We produce a variety of industrial pipe flanges ranging in size from 12" NB to 48" NB.

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Metalica Forging Inc is a leading Flanges Manufacturers in India. We manufacture industrial pipe flanges in sizes ranging from 12" NB to 48" NB. Flanges are essential components that connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other piping system components. They join the parts in a secure and leak-proof manner. Flanges are primarily made of metal and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Metalica Forging Inc. specialises in the production and delivery of various flanges.

2. Here Are 5 Typical Flange Types. : Flanges Manufacturer In India

Weld Neck Flange (WN): Weld Neck Flanges have a long, tapered neck that is welded to the pipe, providing a strong and permanent connection. The neck helps in distributing the stress at the weld joint, making it suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Weld Neck Flanges are often used in critical systems or where severe conditions are present.


Slip-On Flange (SO): Slip-On Flanges have a slightly larger diameter than the pipe, allowing them to slide over the pipe end. They are then welded on the inside and outside to provide strength and prevent leakage. Slip-On Flanges are easier to align and install, making them popular for low-pressure applications.


Blind Flange (BL): Blind Flanges are solid discs used to close the end of a pipe or a valve opening. They are not designed to have an opening, and hence, they are used to stop the flow or to create a blind end in the system. Blind flanges are commonly used in situations where future expansion may be required.


Threaded Flange (TH): Threaded Flanges have internal threads that match the external threads of the pipe. They are screwed onto the pipe end, providing a strong connection that can be easily assembled and disassembled. Threaded Flanges are commonly used for small-diameter, low-pressure applications.


Socket Weld Flange (SW): Socket Weld Flanges have a socket or bore that is designed to fit the pipe end directly. The pipe is inserted into the socket, and then fillet-welded on the outside to provide strength and prevent leakage. Socket Weld Flanges are suitable for small-size, high-pressure applications.


In addition to the fundamental flange types mentioned above, Metalica Forging Inc. may also provide customised and custom-designed flanges to fulfil the needs of its clients. For the most recent details on the varieties of flanges they produce and provide, always consult their product catalogue or website.

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4. Flanges Manufacturers in India - Metalica Forging Inc

Metalica Forging Inc is a leading Flanges Manufacturers in India. We produce a variety of industrial pipe flanges ranging in size from 12" NB to 48" NB. In pipeline systems, flanges are widely used as connectors to link pipes to other piping systems such as tees, elbows, reducers, valves, and other piping equipment.

Metalica Forging Inc is the top Flange Supplier in India. Our clients, who are dispersed across five continents and roughly 80 countries, rely on us to service their tremendous global demand. Our Mild Steel, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Flanges are reputed and well-known across the globe for their reliability and quality. Because we offer our goods and services to our clients, we view them as partners.


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