Kim Kardashian caught on camera in a steamy Indian Saree [ View Pics]

Kim Kardashian caught on camera in a steamy Indian Saree [ View Pics]. People have to create a  havoc on everything they don't like. Whether it is a bold photo shoot done by an Indian actor or a major political issue, people like to share their opinion or judgments.

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 People have to create a  havoc on everything they don't like. Whether it is a bold photo shoot done by an Indian actor or a major political issue, people like to share their opinion or judgments. Now it seems that Vogue India is the latest target of  Indians. In the March 2018 issue, Kim Kardashian is featuring in vogue cover. She is wearing Indian saree and lehenga from famous designers. She featured on two different covers of Vogue India (March issue.) One cover is the modern dress representing a saree in the more glamorous way.


In the below red outfit, a one-shouldered flaming red sari dress from Jean Paul Gaultier, she is seen depicting the traditional posture of the Indian traditional ghoonghat. This has given a edgy look to her chiseled jaw. And she looks stunning in the sari like dress. She was also seen wearing a pale gold shimmer mini with a tulle train from Falguni and Shane Peacock and she did carry off the risque sari dress. Kim Kardashian West is wearing a grey sweatshirt, her hair pulled back tight to reveal a face that is both younger and slightly more tired looking than its glammed-up.


Kim Kardashian looks dead gorgeous in the designer outfit. She is wearing outfits by Indian designers such as Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, Anamika Khanna, Falguni and Shane Peacock . She justifies them all. Every picture which were released one after another, have more traditional Indian essence. This saree is sultry and swaggy both at the same time. This is  'Akash-tara' by Sabyasachi, having hand- embroided metallic sequins and beads on 60gsm chiffon to create a modern saree using age old Indian craftsmanship. And it is red. Kim really pulled of this outfit by her killer looks and shows her toned features to its maximum. She is also wearing a lengha and a choli with earrings from Estaa. This has given an authentic look of a bride. Anita Dongre designed it. She looks like a Barbie queen in this outfit.

However, as usual the people are not happy with the Vogue. People are opposing and criticizing Vogue for taking Kim as their model. Some people are supporting Kim. Many of them are appreciating Kim's effort. In addition, few are debating whether Kim should have worn a saree or not? Media and the followers of Vogue India slammed Kim. Since Kardashian West posted the cover on Instagram on Monday night, both the reality star and the fashion magazine have faced a backlash. Some people think that Vogue India should have put a South Asian woman on its cover. "We have so many GORGEOUS Indian women who could be on the cover of Vogue India but you put Kim Kardashian on there," was someone's reaction.

Priya Tanna, Vogue India's editor-in-chief, addressed the online backlash in a statement: "A big part of the criticism leveled against Vogue for featuring Kim Kardashian West on the cover has been concentrated on putting a 'non-Indian face' on the cover. Over the decade since we launched, 90% of our cover stars (113 out of 126) have been the country's leading names, be it Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Mithali Raj, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt or Kangana Ranaut. We feature women that our readers want to read about — talented, intelligent women who have made a mark in their respective fields. These can be Indian, or these can be women who generate tremendous interest in India. One's nationality is no marker of one's merit."

After seeing all this drama, I came to a conclusion that none of them is wrong. The audience and the Vogue both have a point. The people are seeing this as a loss of opportunity for the Indian or South Asian models and are reacting in the same manner they have till now. Through social media. They are not ready to accept that foreign models are necessary for covers. They feel betrayed by their own magazine editors. Bu on the other hand, as per a marketing strategy it is more beneficial for Vogue India to gain some popularity among the foreign followers and fans of Kim. They take it as an opportunity to show the Indian traditions and clothing style to the world.

Not only these people are also stating the fact that the designer of the cover outfits are outsiders.  Even makeup artists are from foreign. They state that if they want to spread the actual  Indian traditional outfit, the vogue should give the chance to Indian makeup artists and stylist who have more experience with it. They are all taking it personally.  This similar kind of criticism was faced by Kendall Jenner when she was featured in the last years May issue of Vogue. Some even stated the fact that Kim is actually not that famous in India. Well, that is true up to some extent. Now all the critics out there, there is one thing to think about. What would all other admirers of Kim think about the criticism? It not only gives them an image that Indians are not willing to adapt to any new celebrity or are conservative to think that a modern Indian girl can wear a western outfit as pride but, a foreign actress cannot wear their traditional outfit? The way that people are stating their opinions is not proper. They need to be more polite and should ask Vogue to reconsider not involving any foreign model in Vogue.

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