Types of Butterfly Valves most used in industries and homes

This blog will look at the various uses and types of Butterfly Valves. But first, let's look at how Butterfly Valves work and what they are.

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Types of Butterfly Valves most used in industries and homes

Butterfly Valves - Meaning:

Butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves used for on-off or modulating services. They are lightweight, have a small installation footprint, are less expensive, operate quickly, and come in a variety of orifice sizes. The "butterfly" is a disc that is attached to a rod. The disc rotates when the valve opens, allowing fluid to pass through. When the rod rotates the disc a quarter turn to a position perpendicular to the flow direction, it closes. Learn more about butterfly valves and when to use them in various applications.

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How Butterfly Valves Operate:

Butterfly valves are built in a straightforward manner. A butterfly valve's disc aligns with the center of the connected piping, and the stem connects to an actuator or handle on the valve's outside. In the closed position, the disc is perpendicular to the flow and seals against the valve seat. An o-ring in the stem packing prevents leakage down the stem. When the actuator or handle rotates the butterfly valve stem 90 degrees, the disc rotates 90 degrees as well, becoming parallel to the flow. The flow can be throttled or proportional with partial rotation.

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Applications of Butterfly Valves: 

There are numerous applications for butterfly valves. They function effectively in slurry and high volume water applications. The following list includes some typical uses for butterfly valves:

Gasses, fire protection, cooling air, etc.

Slurry and comparable offerings

Cleaning service

Services for high-pressure, high-temperature water and steam

Applications for gas or air compression

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Types of Butterfly Valves: 

Hydraulic Counterweight Butterfly Valve - 

A Hydraulic Counterweight Butterfly Valve is a type of valve that can be used to isolate or regulate flow. The closing mechanism is shaped like a disc. The operation is similar to that of a ball valve, which allows for quick shut off. Hydraulic Counterweight Butterfly Valves are commonly used because they are less expensive than alternative valve styles and are lighter in weight, requiring less support. The disc is located in the center of the pipe, and a rod runs through it, connecting to a mechanism on the valve's surface. Rotating the actuator causes the disc to move in either a parallel or perpendicular direction to the flow.

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves - 

Double eccentric butterfly valves are commonly used as an alternative to gate valves in water supply applications below ground. When installing butterfly valves below ground, a shallower bury depth is required, and they are typically more cost-effective, particularly in large dimensions, than gate valves. They can, of course, be used above ground as well.

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Electric Butterfly Valves - 

Because the electric butterfly valve is made up of an electric actuator and a butterfly valve, it has the advantages of simple operation and a simple structure that are common in sanitary butterfly valves. It's also useful in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. And, thanks to the electric actuator, butterfly valve development has reached a new plateau. The electric butterfly valve's mechanism is as follows: Electric devices drive the valve stem, causing the butterfly plate to rotate 90 degrees to open or close the valve.

Full Body Lining Butterfly Valves -

Although two flanged fixed liner butterfly valves are equally appropriate for installations below ground, they are commonly employed above ground. Full Body Lining Butterfly Valves have numerous uses in the fields of gas supply, fire protection, and water and wastewater treatment.

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