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3, Mar 2018 05:18 PM By Dhruvi Modi
Once again Anna Hazare, in order to wake government from hibernation has to go on hunger strike. This time he has 6000 supporters with him...

3, Mar 2018 04:51 PM By Dhruvi Modi
Stephen Hawking died on 14th March, at his residence in Cambridge. The news was confirmed by his family. He was considered equivalent to Albert Einstein...

3, Mar 2018 05:56 AM By yushin
Veteran Bollywood actress Shammi, known as Shammi aunty to Bollywood. After Sridevi actress Shammi dies in her sleep - Real Reason of Shammi's Death...

2, Feb 2018 06:45 PM By yushin
Real reason of Sridevi's death is not heart attack. Dubai hospital found traces of alcohol in the body which proves the reason is not heart attack for the death...

2, Feb 2018 01:34 PM By yushin
Shridevi, the legendary actress passed away yesterday, 24/02/2018, due to a major cardiac arrest. This has left her fans in utter shock in the morning. Here are the interesting facts about her that pe..

2, Feb 2018 09:30 AM By yushin
The actor, wife of producer Boney Kapoor, died late in the night reportedly due to cardiac arrest in Dubai, where she had gone along with her family to attend her nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding. C..
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