Is Anushka Sharma's new movie 'Pari' the best horror movie of Bollywood?

'Pari' is new upcoming Bollywood movie Starring Anushka Sharma as the lead actress and co-stars Parambrata Chatterjee and is releasing on the Indian Festival of Holi(colors), i.e. 2nd March 2018.

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It was only a few days ago when the fascinating yet scary trailer of Anushka Sharma’s new film ‘Pari’ came out and has captured the attention of almost everyone by the storyline and her tremendous acting skills. Pacing back to the actress’s past movies, Anushka has always taken up roles which have embraced her fun-loving, adorable and carefree attitude towards life. Watching any of her movies is guaranteed to be an experience filled with laughter and enjoyment. One can offer nothing but sincere admiration and appreciation to the young and talented actress.

Watch the trailer of Anushka Sharma's 'Pari'.

In the past, Anushka has delivered all her roles with perfection and grace and has always met the expectations of her beloved fans. So, all her fans have their eyes fixed on the arrival of her movie Pari and are looking forward to seeing the actress play a role so different from her previous ones.


In the latest teasers and trailers for the movie, it has been hinted that Anushka’s role revolves around demons and a possessed woman that scares us with her intense look and blood filled eyes.  A contrast can be seen between the actress’s two different identities and how she is imprisoned by the demons and evil spirits existing inside her.

However, the quality of horror films in Bollywood has always been disappointing and most of the films belonging to this genre have ended up amusing the audience instead of sending shivers down their spines and giving them terrible nightmares. But we can’t simply doubt Anushka Sharma’s acting skills and as of now, the trailer seems to be justifying the movie and its purpose.

In one of the posters of the movie we can see Anushka being surrounded by what appears to be a haunted and devious woman and the actress seems to be imprisoned and is tied from her ankles by thick and heavy metal chains. Her look at these posters reflects the vulnerability, helplessness and the feeling of being brutally trapped underneath all the thick layers of possession and cruelty from which she has suffered.


The teaser, trailers and the posters of the movie have been spreading insanely fast and have been proven to be mind-numbing and a new emerging epitome of the horror genre in Bollywood. The director and producer have guaranteed that the movie is not just another typical Bollywood horror film, but will be pushing all the limitations and will surely be worth the watch. After all, no one is spared when the devil is out to play. The movie’s tagline rightly suggests that despite its name, the film is at no cost some dreamy fairy tale.

Recently, Virat Kohli also took it to his Instagram account and posted a picture of Anushka’s upcoming film’s poster and expressed his happiness and excitement to see his wife in a different and such an engaging role altogether.

This Holi gets ready to play with the colors of evil and horror as the much-awaited movie Pari releases in the cinemas near you.

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