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D Chel Oil & Gas is one of the leading FRP Pipe Manufacturers in India. It is used in oilfields and construction. FRP Pipe is corrosion-resistant, easy to set up and carry, has a long service life, and needs minimal maintenance.

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Benefits and Features of FRP Pipes

FRP Pipe Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Dealers in India.

D Chel Oil & Gas is one of the leading FRP Pipe Manufacturers in India. It is used in oilfields and construction. FRP Pipe Manufacturer in India is corrosion-resistant, easy to set up and carry, has a long service life, and needs minimal maintenance. It transports sewage water and wastewater from homes and businesses. Our FRP pipe Manufacturer in India works well in a variety of soil and weather conditions. When installed in harsh environments, they have the potential to operate at extreme temperatures and pressures. Power sources, irrigation facilities, gas, or chemical plants, among other applications, are among the most popular uses for FRP pipe manufacturers in India. They are regarded as the best petrochemical industry commodity solutions. We are also the leading suppliers of FRP sheets, and so on. 


Benefits of FRP Pipes:

They can be used by water supply industries or portable water systems.

They are used by the sewage industry due to their corrosion-resistant properties.

They are also used by chemical and fertilizer plants to regulate the flow of liquid.

They are taken as the best choice for offshore production of oil.

Features of FRP Pipes:

Corrosion Resistance

FRP pipes are made from a composite of glass fiber and polyester resin. FRP is an inert substance with superb corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and weathering resistance.


FRP Pipes can be rendered in exact accordance with the laws of forces governing the construction of pipe that will come into contact with potable water and foodstuffs thanks to filament winding processing technologies combined with polymerization and vaporization processes.


Hydraulic Efficiency

FRP pipes with a smooth internal surface have a high “c” rating, allowing them to carry a high flow at a low frictional head loss, lowering pumping costs and saving energy.

Longer Service Life

The hydraulic design base (HDB) of FRP Pipes is such that it would have a protection factor of 1.8 times its pressure class even after 50 years of continuous operation. In comparison to C.I., STEEL, G.I., and P.S.C. Pipes, FRP Pipes can have a much longer operating life, longevity, and performance at a much lower life-cycle expense.

Surge Pressure

High surge pressure tolerance In comparison to steel and C.I. pipes, FRP pipes have a greater resistance to surge strain and higher stiffness, which means they have a lower risk of bursting due to water hammers.


As compared to other materials, FRP pipes have a lower strength-to-weight ratio. It is low in weight due to the use of 1/10 P.S.C., 1/5 steel, and 1/8 C.I. As a result, FRP Pipes are simple and quick to add, handle, modify, and fix.

Low Thermal & Electrical Inductivity

FRP Pipes have superior thermal insulating properties, so they don’t need to be heated on the outside to keep the temperature within the pipe consistent. For FRP Pipes, cathodic security is also not needed.

Corrosion resistance :

The life span of the FRP pipes is good as there is no internal or external corrosion, once the appropriate resin is selected for particular operating conditions & is appropriately supported externally you can easily expect a life span of 15-20 years.

It is suitable for weak to strong acids from alkaline chemicals to saline water & solvents.

No requirement for external epoxy coating.

The weight of the FRP pipes is much lesser than the corresponding MS or concrete pipes thus easily transportable & erected resulting in reduced erection cost.

This system has excellent strength to weight properties. When the ratio of strength per unit of weight is considered, FRP composites surpass iron, carbon, and stainless steel as shown in the below table.


FRP Pipes Clients Project

FRP Pipes are used in various parts of India. Our company is a name that people trust, our brand name implies fast delivery, affordable prices, and superior quality of FRP Pipes. We have supplied FRP Pipes in various cities and in different industries in India. We are therefore known as one of the top-rated FRP Pipes Suppliers in India.

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