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The Northern Indian state Haryana becomes country’s first state to launch High-Risk Pregnancy portal for managing high-risk pregnancies. It is launched as a part of the High-Risk Pregnancy Policy of state implemented since November 2017. It helps in identification of 100 percent name-based high-risk pregnancy cases. This innovative web portal is designed to track every high-risk pregnant woman till 42 days after delivery so that she receives adequate treatment during the ante-natal period for the healthy outcome of pregnancy.

The portal helps in identifying the risks at grassroots levels at an early stage and also informs the concerned medical specialties in the vicinity of a lady. This step aims at decreasing the no of mortality rates which is very high in Haryana. Each year due to complications and not getting proper post-natal treatment, 30% of women lose their lives.

State health minister, Anil Vij, said on Saturday that this initiative had been praised by the Niti Ayog and the Union ministry of health and family welfare.The principal secretary of health department, Amit Jha, said, "This innovative web application has been designed to track every high-risk pregnant woman till 42 days after delivery so that she receives adequate treatment during the antenatal period for the healthy outcome of pregnancy".

The Mission Director, National Health Mission, Amneet P. Kumar, said instructions had been issued to all civil surgeons for 100 percent entry of high-risk pregnant cases in the HRP Portal and their management at Civil Hospitals by specialists. The portal covers all the government hospitals as well many civil and private hospitals.

Because of the recent incident in Gurugram, where a pregnant lady was denied entry in hostel premises due to nonavailability of aadhar card and delivery of a baby was done on road. The implementation of HRP is always monitored by NITI Ayog in all aspects to ensure safety and proper treatment for every pregnant lady. This will help in decreasing the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Still Birth Incidence as morbidity.

The Union ministry of health and family welfare and Niti Ayog have acknowledged the portal as a good practice to be implemented at the conference held in Delhi on Friday, she added. India is home of innovations and such steps need to be acknowledged and put forth to decrease all the losses our country make. Our country has enough intelligence, talent and manpower to make India self – reliant in all terms, just timely recognization and implementation is required to be done by the government.